Gary & Bonnie (Midland, MI): Bonnie and I had our first experience with purchasing a modular home with this endeavor, and I want every person connected to the construction, placing of the home, site preparation, and administration of the contract that you should all be commended for making this one of the most happy experiences we have had. We had looked at a few homes offered by different dealers without finding the home we were hoping for. Upon walking in the front door at Clark's to be met by Missy, we didn't realize at the moment, what a wonderful adventure we were about to begin. As you well know, the process of purchasing a home can be very daunting, Missy, however made the beginning process very comfortable. Her knowledge and expertise, along with her easy-going professional manner made us feel very confident that we were making a good choice. When Tanya picked up the project, we were made to feel the same comfort and confidence, that we would have for the remainder of the job. Tanya, like Missy, is an example of the consummate professional and was very easy to work with. As with any project of this nature there were a few "glitches" but true to their word, Clark Modular Homes answered every single issue with a smile and very competent workman. Bonnie and I have been moved in now for a few weeks and have been able to share our home with some of our friends that to a person exclaimed what a beautiful home we have ended up with. We are two very happy people to have been fortunate to have found Clark Modular Homes and to have experienced the joy of working with truly professional people, at the same time I believe we can count those same people as friends. 

Randy (Mt Pleasant, Mi): Very happy with my new home. Clarks and their subcontractors did a very good job. They addressed my questions and problems quickly and in a professional manner making me feel I was a priority. They made the very complicated process of building a new home much easier from beginning to end. After my house was set up for 2 months I called about one loose piece of siding on the front of my garage and they came out the very next day and fixed it. That is service that is hard to come by today. Thank you Clarks!

Bill & Paula (Lake Isabella, Mi): Absolutely the best experience I could ever have had getting a house set up. The office team were exceptional, the excavation guys, septic, rigging guys, cement workers, electricians, plumbers, garage builders, Brad Malley wells and especially the house! Everything Clarks set up and coordinated was spot on and seamless. We've been in going on 5 months and we are more grateful every day for the fantastic job Clarks has done. Highly recommend for anyone to just stop in and see the folks there, they will no doubt turn your ideas into your dream home

Rhonda (Midland, Mi):I purchased my home in the fall of '15. Had the OLD house torn down, new basement, time out of my house was 2 1/2 mos. I was here everyday, with tons of questions. All questions were answered, and I also asked friends that were contractors. There were some minor issues but they were taken care of quickly. Even with a contractor building a home...there are issues. I dealt with Tanya, and she is WONDERFUL!!!! Had an issue with the building inspector, I was freaked out...she got it taken care of. I've recommended Clark Modular to many people... I hope when/if they're looking for a new home, they get in contact with Clark's, as well as Tanya

Scott (Mt. Pleasant, Mi): "I bought a new Commodore home from Clark's in 2009 we put it on a basement with attached garage. The project went smooth we had very few delays and the apprasied over $225,000 and only cost me $190,000 so we had instant equity in our new home. I would recommend Clark's to anyone looking for a new home large or small they will do the job right for you, and they can handle the complete project."

Stanley (Harrison, Mi): "I bought a new Commodore home from clark's in 2009 they were extremely fast and proficient at building my new home. I have had a few minor repairs that needed to be done and Clark's was right out as soon as I called and repaired everything that needed it. I would recommend Clark's to anyone looking for a new home at an affordable price."

Lee & Nenita Earegood (Shepherd, MI): To the Clark Homes & RV Staff, A big Thanks for a job well done!!! When I started looking for a modular homes I looked around everywhere. I would ask different sales people questions and I would get answers on why I couldn't get the type of home to fit my needs. I, then stopped into Clark Homes and RV, and finally I found the answers to my questions and needs. My salesman Tim Yuncker went the extra mile for me, it seems that now a days its hard to find a salesman like Tim. I knew the type of home that I wanted, but I only had so much room to work with. Tim took the time and drove out to my property, took all the measurments and looked at our pole barn. I wanted to connect my new home to the pole barn and knew that their were building codes we had to follow. Tim told me that day the home I wanted to purchase would fit and be up to code. The biggest thing that Clark Homes & RV did was great, being able to start and finis this home building process. Malley Construction is also a first class, construction company when they start and finish a job, they have the equipment and the manpower to get the job done effectively and efficiently. So if your looking to put in your new modular home I give Clark Homes & RV - FIVE STARS- I would like to say Thank You to Tim Yuncker & Cindy at Clark Homes & RV for making my building experience a first class experience!!!