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Commodore Homes Elmwood Modular Home Brand NEW Spec Home Available NOW for Immediate Occupancy! We have finished a new Spec Home that we are selling in the Village of Lake Isabella, just west of Mount Pleasant. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch style home features beautiful Hickory cabinets and a built in front porch! Around 1,100 square feet, this home has enough space for a weekend away or a primary residence! Built by Commodore Homes of Indiana. The exterior has a small porch for seating, along with a dormer above the bedrooms creating great curb appeal. The [...]

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2020 Clayton Farmstead 5628-550 27x56, 1,512 Square Foot, 3 Bedroom - 2 Bath Highlights The Clayton Farmstead 5628-550 is one of our MOST ORDERED homes! In fact, when someone orders this home, they hardly make any changes - if changes are made its siding colors! This packaged home has been a great seller for us. It showcases the farm style and is functional AND affordable! This is a manufactured home built by Clayton Wakarusa. If you are interested in this model, call a Salesperson today - we have NEW ones on order just ready to [...]

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